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DesignAR is an immersive 3D modeling application which combines a large, interactive design workstation with head-mounted Augmented Reality. Users manipulate the model using touch and pen interaction while to model itself is displayed in stereoscopic Augmented Reality above the display. We also demonstrated how the space beyond the borders of the display can be used to show orthogonal views and offloaded menus. DesignAR was developed at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden and resulted in two publications: A full paper at the ACM ISS 2019, which also won the best paper award, and as a demo at the ACM CHI 2020.

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MultiLens is a multi-touch controlled WPF application which uses Magic Lenses to help exploring large node-link diagrams. The goal was to provide an alternative to traditional menu based and mouse controlled systems. Therefore we use multi-touch input to quickly manipulate the lenses, change filters and adjust parameters. Furthermore, Lenses may be combined with other lenses to create generic multi-purpose tools. MultiLens was developed at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden as part of the DFG GEMS Project and resulted in two publications: A demo at ACM ITS 2014 and a full paper at ACM ITS 2016.

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